Monday, 16 May, 2011 - 14:50

On the occasion of Internet Day, Tuesday 17 May 2011, the Universitat Jaime I begins to transfer its corporate e-mail to the cloud as the next step in the ambitious process of moving many of its computer services to the Internet. By so doing, the UJI goes a step further in the process of implementing technologies to the cloud through the Google Apps UJI project and it remains at the forefront of technological development, as it will be the first Spanish university to transfer all its e mail management to the cloud.

The UJI will carry out the migration of its e-mail services to Google Mail in progressive stages until all the e-mail accounts of both University community members (administrative and service staff, teaching and research staff and students) and alumni and members of the SAUJI association have all been transferred. The first accounts to be migrated will be those belonging to the administrative and service staff and afterwards, in September, migration of the e-mail accounts of teaching and research staff will begin. Transfer of the students’ accounts is scheduled for November and finally, during the month of February 2012 the accounts of alumni and members of SAUJI will be moved.

With the migration of e-mail to the cloud, the University achieves greater cost efficiency, since its computer servers will no longer be on the campus, but on the Internet. In addition, service efficiency will be improved and consequently all the work of the University community will be enhanced thanks to Google Mail, which will provide them with over 7 GB of space.

The Google Apps UJI project will be gradually completed with the addition of other services such as an agenda, a calendar and an application for creating blogs and websites, among others.

Thursday, 24 February, 2011 - 10:30

The UJI starts migration to the cloud through an agreement with Google which is pioneer among Spanish universities

The Universitat Jaume I has started today, 24 February 2011, an ambitious migration of most of its computer services on the Internet, in what is known as "migration to the cloud". This process will lead to significant improvements, including a wider availability of services from any device with access to the Internet. It will also open new paths for collaborative work, both internally and with external users. To carry out this process, the University has reached an agreement with Google to become the supplier of the UJI. With this agreement, the Jaume I turns into the first Spanish university to implement the entire suite of applications developed by Google for the education sector.

The migration of services to the cloud will be carried out gradually in a process that will extend into next year 2011/12. Google Docs UJI will be operative from today. It is an office suite which enables to work with most types of documents (text, spreadsheets, images...) directly from the Internet and with the possibility to share them with other people. Other services will be gradually implemented. The university community will be properly informed about them. The Governing Council from the UJI believes that these new tools will help to improve the work efficiency of the university community and will place again the UJI at the technological forefront.

To access these new applications, simply connect from using your UJI username and password. The first time a user accesses this page, he or she must accept the conditions of use which have been reviewed by the University Legal Department according to the agreement signed between UJI and Google. To take full advantage of the new opportunities these tools offer, the Google Apps UJI access page provides access to different manuals and tutorials, which will be supplemented with specific training for the university community members.

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