General - Google Apps

All browsers are supported?

Google Apps can be accessed from anywhere where there is Internet connection, through a computer with Windows, Linux or Mac operating system. To take advantage of its latest features, you have to use one of the following browsers, which are fully compatible:

- Chrome
- Firefox 2.0 or higher
- Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
- Safari 3.0 or higher

Are the same my personal Google account and my old UJI account?

No, your Google account enables you to access Google applications using your University username and password and it incorporates, besides, many improvements regarding the old personal accounts such as:

- Increased collaboration opportunities with other University members.

- An increased storage capacity.

- Many other facilities which are not available in personal accounts that you will progressively discover.

Does it have any economic cost?

No, Google Apps for Education is provided free to schools.

To which applications gives support the University?

To the core applications from Google Apps: Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Sites and Gtalk.

You can use the rest of the applications with your University username, but you can not make inquiries about them to the User Support Centre (CAU).

Who do I contact to solve any questions or problems?

Just as with the other tools that the University provides, you can send an request through the User Support Centre (CAU), http://cau.uji.es, or call 964 38 74 00.

What is the programmed timetable for the opening of the applications?

In the next six months, is scheduled to open the following applications: Google Docs, which is already available, and Gmail, which will become available gradually, by users groups, from April. Google Groups and Google Calendar are expected to be available before the end of this year.

Will my account be deleted when I finish my studies at the University?

Your Google Apps account will remain active even though you are not enrolled in the UJI. Only upon your request it will be deleted.

What happens if I already have another username on Google?

Your Google username will continue as before. Now you have created another username with the username that the University assigns to you.

Who has access to Google Apps?

All the people that already have a username in the University.

Which username and password do I have to use?

The same that the University gives to yo and that you use to access any other services (mail, e-UJIer, virtual classroom...).

How do I change my password?

The same way you do now, by the authentication screen of the University. Note that when you change the password, you do both for access to Google Apps, as for other University applications.

Terms of Service

What happens if I infringe the use policy?

Both the UJI as Google reserves the right to terminate the account of the end-user if they aware of any breach of internal security policy or the terms of the agreement with Google.

In which cases I'm working in a wrong way with Google Apps?

The service users must not perform any of the following:

  • Altering the service pages or alter information transmitted through the services to end users.
  • Sell, lease or resell the services to a third party, or attempt to reverse engineer the services or any component of the services.
  • Try to create a substitute or similar service through the use of the services or the access to them.
  • Use the services for high-risk activities.
  • In addition, the use of Google services is subject to an "Acceptable use policy" which is available at http://www.google.com/a/help/intl/en/admins/use_policy.html.
Are there any rules which regulate the use of Google applications at the UJI?

Service users agree to comply with the "General security policy from the UJI" and the terms and conditions of the service reported by Google at the service homepage.

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