Can I grant access to my mailbox without giving my password?

Yes, you can enable another account to access your mailbox without using any password. This option can be configured from the 'Mail Setup' section, under 'Accounts' and 'Grant access to your account'.

Once granted, the other account has to confirm access.

When confirmation has been made, it will appear at the top right of the page of the new account.

How can I configure now my holiday message?

Follow these steps to set your vacation message:

- Access your Gmail account.
- Click on "Settings" at the top of any Gmail page.
- In the "General" tab, select "automatic answer enabled" in the section "automatic answer"
- Enter the subject and body of the message in the "Subject:" and "Message:" fields. If you have enabled a personalized signature in your account, Gmail will automatically add it to the end of your holiday response.
- Mark the box next to "Only send a response to the people who are in my contacts" if you do not want anyone who sends you an email know that you're away.
- Click "Save changes".

When you enable the automatic answer will appear a banner at the top of your account with the subject of your vacation response. Once you see the banner you can "end now" or edit the automatic answer by clicking on "configure automatic response"

So you will have a message indicating to the person who contacts you that you are on vacation and can not respond immediatly or will take more time to do so.

How can I send e-mails from my alias?

When you are composing or replying to a message in the "From" section, which is located at the top of the page, you will see a menu. From there, you may select with which identity do you prefer to send mail.

Is it possible to forward all my mail to a personal account now?

From the Gmail web interface, in "Settings", tab "Forwarding", you can add an email address where you can forward all your messages.

My Google account has been locked. What can I do?

This problem usually happens when you change your password. If the user has a desktop or mobile e-mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.). set with the old password, it will attempt to connect periodically with an invalid password and Google will block the account.

To unlock it, check that the password for your e-mail client is correct, go to the following web page and follow the instructions:


There are some messages that I don't get, what's the matter?

Maybe the messages can not get into the inbox folder and end up in "All mail", "Spam" or "Trash" folders, as a result of the spam filters you have set for the messages. Check the following configuration:

- In the "Filter settings", look for filters that remove or archive the mail.

It is also possible that, when you send a message to a mailing list which you are subscribed to, your messages will only appear in the "Sent" folder.

What has happened with my folders?

Gmail does not work with folders; it uses labels instead. This system has the advantage of being able to mark a message with multiple labels, which would be equivalent to have the same message in different folders.

Labels can be managed from the 'Mail Setup' menu,  'tags' section.

To assign a label to a message, just select the message and click on the 'Labels' button located at the top of the interface. From there you can mark the labels you want. In addition, you can set up filters to tag messages automatically.

Finally, it should be noted that there is a functionality that enables labels to simulate a folder structure. To do this, access the 'Labs' settings and enable 'Nested Tags'. In this way, you will be able to create tags within tags, similar to folders within folders.

When I access UJI my personal account is closed, can I not keep the two accounts open?

From the Gmail web interface you can configure a multiaccount access to access all your Gmail accounts from a single tab. To do this you need to access "Settings" and then the "Account" tab to enable multiaccount access.

Why do I keep on getting adds about my mailbox?

This is no advertising; this is a feature that enables you to display news or advice of external sites. You can configure it and/or switch it off from the "Mail Settings" section under "Web Clips".

Google Docs

Before the migration there were folders, but they do not exist any more. What has happened?

Google has renamed the folders. Now they call them 'Collections', but this collections work in the same way as the previous folders.

How can I see the documents that have been shared with me?

To view all the documents that have been shared with your account, you can select the option 'Share with me' in the top menu 'More options'.

I have tried to upload my document collection, but they have not been uploaded. Why?

If you try to upload a large number of documents, the connection may fail and the process can be interrupted. The solution is to upload documents gradually and check in the upload section that all the documents have been saved successfully.

In any case, the documents stored on your computer will remain stored there, so you will not miss any of them.

Is it possible that anyone edit one of my documents?

If you have shared a document with another account and you have given permission to edit, this person may modify your document. If you do not want anyone to edit it, select the document and on the right side, under 'Sharing', click 'Settings' and change the permissions of the people to 'Can see'.

Is it possible to share documents with my work group?

Currently, there is only the option of sharing documents with personal accounts. However, we are working to enable the option to create work teams to share documents with the entire group.

What do I have to know about Google Docs?

It is a office automation application that enables word processing and spreadsheets, among others, through the website. It also enables us to collaborate in projects from any location. The documents are stored online. You and those people you invite to collaborate with you can access the document from any computer connected to the network.

Can I save a copy of all the documents in my own computer?

Yes. Simply select all the documents you want to save. Then, select "Download" in the menu "Actions". This action creates a compressed file that we can save wherever we want.

Google Calendar

Can I synchronize my calendars with my computer or mobile device?

Of course. This is one of the advantages of the migration to the cloud. For how to set the synchronization on your device, you can access the following web page and follow the instructions:


How can I create a new calendar?

From the left side section, under 'My calendars', click on the 'Add' link. From this new screen you can configure the new calendar.

How can I know if there are any public calendars at the UJI?

In the left menu, in the 'Other calendars' section, click on 'Add' and select 'Browse interesting calendars'. In the new window, click on 'More' tab, and select 'Resources of uji.es'. This section will list all the public calendars of the university.

If I choose that Google inform me before an event takes place, how can I receive the notification without being connected?

By default, Google provides reminders by e-mail or in a pop-up window in your browser.

There is a third method that brings and added value to the service of calendar, which is to receive reminders via SMS to your mobile phone. This service is completely free and can be enabled from the 'Calendar settings', in the tab 'Settings for mobile phones'.

When you enable this option, you will be able to get reminders of your events via SMS.

Is it possible to remove someone's access to my calendar?

From the 'Share' section from each calendar, you can modify the permissions granted on your calendar at any time.

Is it possible to share a calendar outside the UJI environment?

Yes. From the left side section, under 'My calendars', click on the arrow on the right side of the calendar name and select 'Share this calendar'. In the new window you can add Google email addresses under 'Share with specific people'.

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