E-mail migration

And what if I lose any messages?

Once the transfer will be finished, you will receive a message in your new Google account which will show its results. If there is any message which has not been able to be transferred, you will be able to access the old system to check it and to forward it again if necessary.

Can I access the old messages?

Yes, the old messages will be accessible, like before, during a certain period of time, but you can only access them for consultation.

How can I access my shared mailboxes?

1. From Gmail you can access your shared mailboxes displaying the option from a small arrow that is next to our email address (top right).

2. Using the Outlook or Thunderbird email clients. In this case, the User Support Centre (CAU) will help you to configure access to the shared mailboxes in your e-mail client.

In order to read mail from your shared mailbox with Outlook or Thunderbird, you need the password that can be found at: http://sso.uji.es, under "Account Options / Retrieve shared mailbox password. "

How will I know that it is my turn?

Before the process starts for each group of users, it will be notified by e-mail. You will also see that when you identify yourself to access a service of the University, a explanatory window will appear.

How will I know that the migration has been successful?

How will I know that the migration has been successful?

How will I know that the migration has taken place?

When you log into Webmail, under the toolbar you will see a section that changes colour depending on the state of the migration process:

- In the red: the transfer has not yet started.
- In yellow: the transfer is in process (approximately 24 hours).
- In green: your e-mail is already within the new system.

How will my mail be transferred to a shared mailbox?

The process of moving a shared mailbox to a delegate Gmail account is automatic and it begins when all the members of the mailbox, that is, all the people who have access to it, are already using Gmail because their e-mail has been completely transferred. In short, the delegate account will be available as soon as the e-mail from the last user who has access to the shared mailbox has been transferred.

I had a redirection to my e-mail account. Why does it not work now?

The redirections can not be transferred automatically to the new system. You have to configure it again in the new Gmail. To do this, simply query the Google Apps aid.

What is the transfer of e-mail to Gmail?

It is the process that ​​the Computing Service is executing in order to move your mail folders, which are now within the University servers, to Google servers.

What will happen to my old e-mails?

What will happen to my old e-mails?

When I try to access a shared mailbox, I get an 'incorrect password' message

Since in the new system shared mailboxes are separate accounts, instead of a folder, you have to use a username and a password different from your current one. Mailboxes passwords are changed automatically when a member is removed from the account, for security reasons.

The password can be found at: http://sso.uji.es, under 'Account options / Recover passwords for shared mailboxes'. You can address the User Support Centre (CAU) as well.

When will my e-mail be transferred?

The process will be carried out gradually for members of the administrative and services staff and the research and teaching staff, invited staff, students and members of the alumni association SAUJI. It is estimated that we all have our e-mail in Google before 2012.

Why can I not see the "migrate" button?

Why can I not see the "migrate" button?

Why do I not get the option to transfer my e-mail?

It may be for two reasons:

- It is not yet your turn.
- The message giving you the option did appear but you said no.

In the second case, after a few days, you will get the option to transfer your e-mail again.

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